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As a client employing the services of Market Image Photography you agree and accept to all of the following terms & conditions where applicable:

You shall settle your account as invoiced in full, strictly within 7 days upon completion and delivery of services and images rendered - accepting that under circumstances deemed necessary where applicable by Market Image Photography, a deposit may be required prior to commencing any works.

Where applicable you will reimburse Market Image Photography for all and any additional costs associated with the production of agreed works including (but not limited to) travel, lodging, meals and parking fees.

Market Image Photography agrees to deliver photography proofs within 7 days of completed works, you then have 7 days to provide a written list of images desired for final production and delivery, including application and format. Final images will then be delivered within an agreed timeframe with invoice for completed works - payable strictly within 7 days of receipt.

The client of Market Image Photography is solely responsible for the success of the commercial photography shoot, accepting that our services will be provided to the highest professional standards, we will be in no case liable for compromised coverage due to lack of space, resources or client participation.

Market Image Photography retains full copyright to all photographs taken during the photography shoot, but grants unlimited, non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to the client to use or reproduce any photographs delivered as final photographs.

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